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Maudsley, H., The Medical Profession 330
Maxwell, Prof. J. Clerk, Protection from Lightning 154
Mayer, Prof. A. M., Sketch of. (Portrait.) 230
Meat and Eggs, Dietetic Value of 381
Meats cooked by Cold 125
Mechanical Tools. (Illustrated.) 173
Medical Profession in Modern Thought 330
"Students, Qualifications of 382
Meehan, Thomas, Communication from 102
Meehan, T., Insects, etc 743
Menopoma, how it casts its Skin 252
Mental Overwork 326
"Physiology, A Case in 235
Merriman, C. C, World-Creations 701
Meteorites, how regarded in Former Times 634
Meteorological 759
Meteor-Shower in October 253
Mézières, A., Trial of Galileo 385
Mind, Annihilation of the 715
Mind-Reading 459
Monkey Astuteness 254
Monkeys, Sexual Selection among the 379
Moon, The, is it a Dead Planet? 568
Moon's Influence on the Weather 56
Mormonism 156
Morse, E. S., American Zoölogists and Evolution 1
Morse, E. S., American Zoölogists and Evolution 181
Morse's Lectures 619
Motion, The Constancy of 225

Nature and Life in Lapland 450
Nature of the Invertebrate Brain. (Illustrated.) 27
Nature, The Order of the 748
Nickel-Ores in New Caledonia 120
Nitrogen, Absorption of, by Plants 510
Northerly Winds of California 119
Notes 127
Notes 255
Notes 383
Notes 512
Notes 639
Notes 767
Numerals, Arabic, their Origin. (Illustrated.) 736

Ocean-Bed, Inequality of the 250
Order of Nature 748
Origin of the Arabic Numerals. (Illustrated.) 736
Overwork, Mental 326
Ozone-Generator 114

Paleolithic Man 250
Parallel Roads of Glen Roy. (Illustrated.) 309
Pavements, Wooden 118
Petroleum Products, Deodorization of 251
Pet Snakes 119
Pettenkofer, Max von, Air and Clothing 654
Philanthropic Fanaticism and Science 363