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Phylloxera, The, and American Vine-Stocks 511
Physical Science in English Schools 23
Physiological Action of Coca 251
Physiology of Mind-Reading 459
Picus Viridis, The Tongue of 113
Plain, Prairie, and Forest 247
Plant-Eaters of North America. (Illustrated.) 678
Plants, Insect Fertilization of 380
"Taking Impressions of 254
Plasticity of Ice 637
Pole, How to reach the 508
Political Economy in the United States 360
Potassa, Qualitative Determination of 762
Potatoes, Influence of Color of Soil on 635
Powder-Paper 253
Prairies, Origin of 633
Prenatal and Infantile Culture 38
Prestel, M. A. F., The Moon's Influence on the Weather 56
Proctor, R. A., Astronomical Achievement 446
""Astronomy in America 75
Production of Cognac Brandy 428
Protection of Buildings from Lightning 154
Psychic Phenomena 758
Putrefaction and Fermentation 126
Putrescible Fluids, Experiments with 758

Qua, D. V. T., Arabic Numerals 736
Qualifications of Medical Students 382

Races of Man 508
Radiometer, Note on the 113
Railway-Signal, An Improved 253
Railways, Inspecting, by Machinery 126
Raindrops, Formation of. (Illustrated.) 522
Relations of the Air to our Clothing 654
Remsen, Ira, Chemistry 691
Respirator, A New 122
Rigg, Rev. A., Tools 173
Rock-Crystals, Gathering of 383
Russel, C. P., Vital Statistics 697
Rust, Prevention of 765

Sagacity, Canine 202
Sanitary Fact, An Important 123
Savage Races, Decline of 765
Schumacher, P., Aboriginal Settlements 353
Science and Religion 72
"in America 313
""English Schools 23
""the United States 115
"and Ventilation 760