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Science vs. Art of Chemistry 691
"Philanthropic Fanaticism and 363
"The Diffusion of 497
Scientific Education, Prof. Martin on 368
Seed-Production in the Sugar-Beet 122
Séguin, Dr. E., Prenatal and Infantile Culture 38
Selenium, Action of Light on 116
Settlements, Aboriginal, of the Pacific Coast. (Illustrated.) 353
Sewage Utilization 123
Sexual Selection among the Monkeys 379
Sharks 348
Shells from Colorado 248
Signal, An Improved, for Railroads 253
Simmons, W. E., Gas-Manufacture 478
Size of the Principal Telescopes in the World 574
Smith, Adam, Honor to 496
Societies for the Diffusion of Science 497
Soil, Color of, its Influence 635
Solar Distillery 758
Some Questions answered 616
Spencer, Herbert, Primitive Marriage 272
Spencer's Classification of Sciences 609
Spider, A Fishing 762
Spontaneous Generation 757
Statistics, Vital 697
Steam, Economy in Use of 382
Struggle for Existence 382
Studies of an Engineer 509
Study and Teaching of Biology 298
Study of Biology 527
Sugar-Beet, Seed-Production in 122
Sulphurous Acid as a Disinfectant 762
Summer School of Natural History 766
Sun, Distance and Dimensions of the. (Illustrated.) 402
Supplement to the Glacial Theory 112

Talking by Telegraph 507
Telescopes, Size of the Principal 574
Tenney, S., Plant-Eaters 678
Theories of Primitive Marriage 272
Thomson, Sir W., Sketch of. (Portrait.) 357
Tomato-Plant, The, as a Protection against Insects 250
Tools, Mechanical. (Illustrated.) 173
Transfusion of Blood 761
Transmission of Habit 380
Trial of Galileo 385
Trowbridge, J., Annihilation of the Mind 715
Tyndall and Roberts on Abiogenesis 757
Tyndall, John, Fermentation 129
""Infective Atmosphere 641
""Glen Roy 309