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Books noticed: PAGE
"Hints toward a National Culture" (Boyce) 133
"Scientific Lectures" (Lubbock) 133
"Science Lectures at South Kensington" 133
"Zoology of Invertebrate Animals" (Macalister) 133
"Gray's Botanical Text-Book" (Gray) 277
"Hygiene and Public Health" (Buck) 279
"First Lines of Therapeutics" (Harvey) 281
"Neurility" (Clevenger) 282
"Is Life worth Living?" (Mallock) 417
"Naval Hygiene" (Wilson) 418
"Silk Goods of America" (Wykoff) 419
"Geology of the Lower Amazonas" (Derby) 421
"Primitive Manners and Customs" (Parrer) 421
"Papers read before the Pi Eta Scientific Society of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute" 422
"American Ornithology" (Wilson and Bonaparte) 422
"The Rosicrucians" (Jennings) 423
"Antiquities and Platycnemism of the Mound-Builders of Wisconsin" (De Hart) 423
"The Silkworm" (Riley) 423
"Geology of the Diamantiferous Regions of the Province of Parana, Brazil" (Derby) 423
"First Step in Chemical Principles" (Leffman) 424
"Young Folks' Cyclopædia of Common Things" (Champlin) 424
"Inorganic Chemistry" (Valentin) 424
"The Value of Life" (Anonymous) 424
"Octavius Perinchief" (Lanman) 561
"Arctic Voyages of Nordenskjöld" 563
"Illustrated Dictionary of Scientific Terms" (Rossiter) 564
"The English Language and its Early Literature" (Gilmore) 565
"Darwinism and other Essays" (Fiske) 565
"Shell Mounds of Omari" (Morse) 566
"Fuel, its Combustion and Economy" (Clark) 566
"Units and Physical Constants" (Everett) 566
"Solar Light and Heat" (Allen) 567
"First Book of Qualitative Chemistry" (Prescott) 567
"Electro-Metallurgy" (Watt) 567
"Ceremonial Institutions" (Spencer) 698
"Theory of Political Economy" (Jevons) 699
"The Chemistry of Common Life" (Johnston) 701
"Astronomy for Schools and Colleges" (Newcomb and Holden) 702
"Progress and Poverty" (George) 702
"Lectures and Essays" (Clifford) 703
"An Essay on the Bible Narrative of Creation" (Grote) 705
"Triassic Formation of New Jersey" (Russell) 707
"Erasmus Darwin" (Krause) 707
"Eighth, Ninth, and Tenth Annual Reports of the Geological Survey of Indiana" (Cox) 708
"Modern Meteorology" 708
"The Great Fur Land" (Robinson) 708