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Japan, Dolmens in. (Illustrated.) 593
Javal, M., On Daylight in the Schoolroom 517
Jevons, Professor W, Stanley 754
Jupiter, What is He doing? (Illustrated.) 737

Kindergartens, Arsenic in 694
Knowledge, First-hand and Second-hand 197

Langley, S. P., Recent Progress of Solar Physics 1
Lankester, Professor E. Ray 789
Learning to write 795
Le Conte, John, Mars and his Moons 82
Le Conte, Joseph, The Genesis of Sex 167
Leffingwell, Dr. A. J. 745
Legislation, Experimental 754
Leidy, Professor Joseph 612
"Let well enough alone" 695
Libraries, Circulating, and Contagious Disease 138
Lightning-Rod, Investigating the 863
Lindsay, W. Lauder 346
Literary Notices 125
Literary Notices 277
Literary Notices 417
Literary Notices 561
Literary Notices 698
Literary Notices 850
Lubbock, On Science in the Primary Schools 429
Luminous Power, Distribution of, in the Sun's Rays 137
Lungren, C. M., Progress and Poverty 721
Lyford, M., Letter from 693
Lyons, Lieutenant T. A. 35
Lyons, Lieutenant T. A. 179

Mackay, G. Eric 389
Maclagan, Dr. T. J., On Typhoid Fever 460
Man, On the Antiquity of 140
Man, On the Antiquity of 572
Many-toed Horses. (Illustrated.) 258
Maps and Map-making before Mercator. (Illustrated.) 478
Mars and his Moons 82
Marsh, O. C. 219
Marsh, O. C. 363
Mason, R. O. 330
Matamata, The. (Illustrated.) 684
Matter, Radiant. (Illustrated.) 13
Matter, Radiant. (Illustrated.) 157
Maury, Professor T. B., International Weather-Service. (Illustrated.) 289
McGee, W. J. 810
Meteoric Display, An Expected 247
Meteorology, Ocean. (Illustrated.) 35
Meteorology, Ocean. (Illustrated.) 179
Mill, John Stuart 25
Mill, John Stuart 311
Mill, John Stuart 501
Minerals, Action of Organic Acids on 710
Monkey, Intelligence of a Pet 714
Moral Sense in the Lower Animals 346
Morals, Goldwin Smith on 267
Morse, Professor E. S. 593
Mudge, B. F., Death of 569

Nature, The Force behind 614
Neison, E. 337