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of the mouth a more spurt of temper. I gave her such punishment as I considered judicious. For a while she kept up a snapping at me, accompanied by a monkey-like chattering of rage and fear. At last she laid down her head in submission. I then stroked and patted her. It was now all made up, and we were friends again. On this subject

Fig. 6.
PSM V02 D154 Wild boar.jpg
Wild-boar. (Sus-scrofa) In this animal the snout has attained perfection as an organ for upturning the ground, but it has slight flexibility

of punishment I soon learned an important fact. You might slap and shake this little thing quite severely, when her will was crossed, or a slight fit of temper was upon her, without subduing her. She had, however, a wholesome dread of the rod. A twig not thicker than a straw was sufficient. A blow from this, although it scarcely ruffled the fur, would reduce her to instant and complete submission. The exhibitor of wild animals understands the virtue of his little whip.