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The attachment of this interesting animal to her new home was intense. I frequently caused her to be taken to the commons and set at liberty among the trees. Considering that the coati is a thoroughly arboreal animal, and such its agility that it descends trees head first, one would suppose that this would awaken the dormant natural habits; but she would invariably hasten home by the shortest route possible; and, if, on her return, she found the door closed, would sit on the steps and cry.

Fig. 7.
PSM V02 D155 American tapir.jpg
American Tapir (Tapirus americanus). The snout of this animal is a proboscis, to some extent is prehensile; hence approaching that of the Elephant.

One morning, at an early hour, coati was missed from the kitchen. A search was set up. The ringing voice of our little boy was heard, with the occasional word, "Jack." And so it was—Jack was in bed with the little three-year-old, and they were having a high time together. This trick she played whenever opportunity allowed. Often,