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Coal-Gas, Effects of, on Plants 638
Coati-Mondi, The, and its Cousins. (Illustrated.) 136
Cocoa-nut Palm, The, and its Uses 214
"Coffee: Its History, Cultivation, and Uses" (by Robert Hewitt, Jr.), Notice of 753
Combustion under Pressure 634
Comet, Biela's 762
Comets, Tails of 383
"Compendious Manual of Qualitative Chemical Analysis" (by Eliot and Storer), Notice of 248
Cotton Fibres and Fabrics 161
Crime, Causes of 589
Cromlechs in Algeria 638
Cultivating Wild Flowers 356

Darwin (Notice of), with Portrait 497
"Deductive and Inductive Training" (by Prof. Silliman), Notice of 504
Delusions, Epidemic 15
Detonators, Electric, for exploding Mines 761
Development in Dress 40
Discipline of Mankind, The Early 129
Diseases, Local, Relations of, to the Nature of the Soil 382
Disinfectant, An Efficacious 760
Disinfection, Careless 122
Do Birds Improve in Nest-Building? 485
Disease, Temperature in 763
Dredging on the New-England Coast 764
Drifting of the Stars 224

Earth's Surface, Elevation and Subsidence of 766
Earthquake-Phenomena. (Illustrated.) 513
Education in New England, estimated by Agassiz 759
Education, Coercion in 623
Education, English, Barbarism in 671
Education, Observation in 371
Educational System, Science and Our 695
Electricity and Life 526
Elevation and Subsidence of the Earth's Surface 766
Emotions, Brain-Work and the 420
Emotions, Expression of the. (Illustrated.) 434
Engineering, Ancient, among the Chinese 127
English and American Science 734
"Epidemic Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis" (by Dr. Clymer), Notice of 628
Epidemic Delusions 15
Equality of the Sexes 552
Eucalyptus, Chemical Products of 253
Evolution, Doctrine of 110
Evolution and the Spectroscope 320
Experiments on the Circulation of the Frog 762
Expression of the Emotions. (Illustrated.) 434

"Family Thermometry" (by Dr. Seguin), Notice of 627
"Faraday" (by J. H. Gladstone), Notice of (by De la Rive) 377
"Faraday as a Discoverer" (by Tyndall), Notice of 377
Ferns, Ancient 633
Fire-Escape, A New 511
Fires, Great, and Rain-Storms 206
"Forces of Nature" (by Guillemin), Notice of 628