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Forests and Fruit-Growing 194
"Fortnightly Review" 755
Fool Air 121
Foul Air and Disease of the Heart 183
Frog, The Horned 676
Fruit-Growing, Forests and 194
Fuel, Economy of 506
Functions of the Brain 64
Fuzi-Yama and Hakusan 634

"Gardener's Monthly" 248
Generation, Spontaneous. (Illustrated.) 83
Geology of the Great Plain of Morocco 635
German Thought, New Phase of 152
German Thought, New Phase of 311
Glass, Facts about 252
Godwin, Mr., on the Limits of Science 746
Gold in Sea-Water 255
"Great Problem" (by John R. Leifchild), Notice of 245
"Great Problem," Introduction to the 182
Greeley, Mr., Death of 372
Gunpowder, Smokeless 61

Hair, How the Feelings affect the 158
"Hand-Book of Chemical Technology" (by Wagner), Notice of 244
Hartmann's Philosophy of the Unconscious 152
Hartmann's Philosophy of the Unconscious 311
Health, Nervous and Moral 416
Heart, Disease of the, and Foul Air 183
Heat and Life 400
Henry, Prof. Joseph, Sketch of, with Portrait 741
Herculaneum, how was it destroyed? 232
Horned Frog, The 676
Horse-Influenza, Causes of 765
Houses, Warming of 472
Human Races, Physical Characters of 541
Humanity and Insanity 218
Humming-Bird, Instinct at Fault in 254
Hydrogen-Gas, Cheap 639
Hypothesis, The Nebular 650

Importance of the Cultivation of Science 641
India, Matters in 614
Influenza in Horses, Causes of 765
Insect-Life in a Coal-Mine 255
Instinct in Young Birds 561
Is Electricity Life? 477
Islamism, Epileptic Origin of 605

"Key to North American Birds" (by E. Coues), Notice of 751

Labor, Mental, and Health 763
"Lectures on Light" (by Tyndall), Notice of. (Illustrated.) 754
Law of Storms developed 385
Light and Life 294
Lightning-Rods, Ground Connection of 120
Life, Electricity and 526
Life, Heat and 400
"Life in Nature Man and his Dwelling-Place" (by James Hinton), Notice of 118
Livingstone, Doctor. (Portrait.) 327