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Man in America, Antiquity of 638
"Manual of Microscopic Mounting" (by John H. Martin), Notice of 247
Maury, Matthew Fontaine 767
Meteoric Stones 75
Meteorites, Recent, in France and Italy 760
Monas Prodigiosa 249
"Mysteries of Voice and Ear" (by O. N. Rood), Notice of 751
"Myths and Myth-Makers" (by John Fiske), Notice of 752

Nebular Hypothesis, The 650
Nervous Health and Moral Health 416
Niagara, Facts relating to 249
Notes 128
Notes 255
Notes 384
Notes 511
Notes 639
Notes 768
Nothing new under the Sun 380

Observation in Education 371
Observatories, Astronomical and Physical 365
Old Age, Necessity of Carefulness in 511
Opium Poppy in France 384
Opossum, Habits of the 124
Osage Orange 383
Ostracism of a French Savant 764
"Our First Year's Work" 745
Ozone by a New Process 507

Paper as a Building-Material 633
Paper-Hangings, Poisonous 123
Partridge-Berries, White 254
Patriotism, Bias of 708
Pavements, Asphalt 609
Pavement, An Unpatentable 255
Pericardium, puncturing the 637
Petroleum, Solidifying 635
Pholades, The Boring-Organ of 253
Phosphoric Acid 383
Photograph Proofs, White Spots on 632
Photometer, Deep-Sea 639
Physiological Position of Tobacco 167
Physical Characters of the Human Races 541
"Physics and Politics" (by Walter Bagehot), Notice of 503
Plant-Battery 631
Plants, Spontaneous Movements in. (Illustrated.) 280
Plaster, Action of, on Soils 251
Polaris, The, Expedition 253
"Popular Treatise on Gems" (by Dr. L. Feuchtwanger) 378
Potato-Disease, The 250
Pouchet, Felix Archimede 767
Practical Man, The, as an Obstructive 37
Prophecies, Weather 149
Public Affairs, Science and 736

"Quarterly German Magazine" 377

Rain-Storms, Great Fires and 206
Rattlesnake's Rattle, Purpose of 767
"Recent Discussions in Science, Philosophy, and Morals" (by Spence), Notice of 505
Recent Progress of Natural Science 597
Religion, Science and 79