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Rhinoceros, A New Species of 380
River and Lake Terraces. (Illustrated.) 661
Romance of Medicine 422

Sabine, General Sir Edward, Sketch of. (Portrait.) 238
Sanitary Science, Applied 665
Sardines 126
Scientific Expedition of the Challenger 509
Science and Public Affairs 736
Science and our Educational System 695
Science, English and American 734
Science and Religion 79
Science, Importance of cultivating 641
Science, Natural, Recent Progress of 597
Science, Sanitary, Applied 665
Science in the Household 757
Scientific Thought, Aims and Instruments of 93
Scientific Thought, Aims and Instruments of 174
Sedgwick, Rev. Adam 767
Selective Power of Plants 756
Sensitive Streams 383
Sexes, Equality of the 552
Silica as a Basis of Paint 632
Silk Goods, Test for 383
Singing Flames, Practical Application of 757
Slag as a Building-Material 637
Smokeless Gunpowder 61
Snakes, Venomous, of India 510
Sociological Science in its Later Statements 240
Sociology, Study of 1
Sociology, Study of 257
Sociology, Study of 450
Sociology, Study of 564
Sociology, Study of 708
Somerville, Mrs. 501
Sound, Experiments on 378
Sparrow, The English 508
Spectroscope, Evolution and the 320
"Spectrum Analysis" (by Dr. H. Schellen), Notice of 116
Spider Engineering 635
Spiders, Venomous, in New Zealand 758
Spontaneous Generation. (Illustrated.) 83
Spontaneous Movements in Plants. (Illustrated.) 280
Squirrel-Pest 382
Stars, Drifting of the 224
Steam, Cultivation by 507
Stone Age, Art in the. (Illustrated.) 343
Stones, Meteoric 75
Strength of Timber. (Illustrated.) 582
Sun, The, as a Borer of Mountains 380
Sunlight, Sea, and Sky 50

Telegraphy, Government 631
"Ten Laws of Health" (by Dr. J. R. Black), Notice of 754
Terraces, River and Lake. (Illustrated.) 661
"The Earth a Great Magnet" (by A. M. Mayer), Notice of 626
"Thoughts for the Times" (by Rev. H. R. Haweis), Notice of 248
Tin, Disintegration of 382
Tobacco, Physiological Position of 167
"Transactions of the "Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts, and Letters," Notice of 503
Transfusion of Blood 124
Transfusion of Blood 679
Trees and Rain 123
Troglodytes, or Cave-Dwellers in France. (Illustrated.) 699
Tyndall and Froude 373