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Books noticed: PAGE
"What shall we do with the Inebriate?" (Crothers) 132
"Report of Wisconsin State Board of Health" 132
"Synopsis of the Fresh-Water Rhizopods" (Hitchcock) 133
"Mineral Resources of the Hocking Valley" (Hunt) 133
"Butterflies, Structure, Changes, etc." (Scudder) 133
"Primitive Industry" (Abbott) 133
"Hygiene of Bright's Disease" (Edwards) 134
"The Figure of the Earth" (Merriman) 134
"Rugby, Tennessee" (Hughes) 134
"Pharmacology and Therapeutics" (Brunton) 134
"Suicide" (Morselli). ("International Scientific Series.") 275
"The Foreigner in China" (Wheeler) 279
"A Hand-book of Vertebrate Dissection" (Martin and Moele) 280
"Algebra for Schools and Colleges" (Newcomb) 281
"Man's Origin and Destiny" (Lesley) 282
"The Microscope and its Revelations" (Carpenter) 283
"Artificial Anæsthesia and Anæsthetics" (Lyman) 409
"Teaching Chemistry and Physics in the United States" (Clarke) 411
"Illustrations of the Earth's Surface. Glaciers" (Shaler) 411
"Synchronological Chart of Universal History" (Adams) 412
"Mexican Paper: An Article of Tribute" (Valentini) 413
"Noxious and Beneficial Insects of Illinois" (Thomas) 413
"The Landa Alphabet" (Valentini) 413
"Outlines of Morphology, Physiology, and Classification of Plants (McNab) 414
"Seedless Fruits" (Sturtevant) 414
"Loxolophodon and Uintatherium" (Osborn) 415
"Ancient Philosophy from Thales to Cicero" (Mayor) 415
"Report of the Chief Signal Officer for 1879" 416
"Report of the Horological and Thermometric Bureaus of the Winchester Observatory, Yale College" (Waldo) 416
"Field Experiments with Fertilizers" (Atwater) 416
"Smithsonian Institution Report for 1880" (Baird) 417
"Short History of the Bible" (Keeler) 417
"The Spelling Reform" 417
"English History for Young Folks" (Gardiner) 417
"Maximum Synchronous Glaciation" (McGee) 417
"Circulars of Information of the Bureau of Education" 418
"The Disposal of the Dead" (Bermingham) 418
"Pliocene Man in America" (Southall) 418
"Cotton Production of Louisiana" (Hilgard) 418
"The Young Folks' Astronomy" (Champlin) 418
"The Total Solar Eclipse of July, 1878" (Langley) 419
"Papers on American Archaeology" (Bandelier) 419
"Materialism, Ancient and Modern" 419
"Sea-Mosses" (Hervey) 419
"Concepts and Theories of Modern Physics" (Stallo) 557
"The French Revolution" (Taine) 560
"The Harrowgate Waters" (Lewis) 562
"Report of Commissioner of Education for 1879" 562