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Books noticed: PAGE
"Mechanics' Liens" (Hoyt) 562
"Report of Geographical Surveys west of the One Hundredth Meridian" 563
"English History for Students" (Gardiner and Mullinger) 563
"First Annual Report of the United States Geological Survey" (King) 563
"Manual of Sugar Analysis" (Tucker) 564
"Book of the Black Bass" (Henshall) 564
"The Human Figure" (Warren) 564
"The Wandering Jew" (Conway) 564
"Comparative Mythology and Folk-lore" (Cox) 565
"Uranometria of the Southern Heavens" (Gould) 700
"The Law of Personal Rights (Willard) 701
"The First Book of Knowledge" (Guthrie) 702
"Ecce Spiritus" 702
"The Land of the White Elephant" (Vincent) 703
"The Honey-Ants of the Garden of the Gods," etc. (McCook) 703
"Suicide" (O'Dea) 704
"Nature and Function of Art" (Eidlitz) 705
"Dangers to Health" (Teale) 706
"A Study of the Pentateuch" (Stebbins) 706
"The Opium-Habit and Alcoholism" (Hubbard) 706
"Autobiography of Mark Rutherford" (Shapcott) 707
"The League of the Iroquois" (Hathaway) 707
"Zoölogical Atlas" (McAlpine) 707
"The Verbalist" (Ayres) 708
"New System of Ventilation" (Gouge) 708
"Celestial Objects for Common Telescopes" (Webb) 708
"The Labor Question" 708
"Elements of Quaternions" (Hardy) 708
"The Brain and its Functions" (Luys.) ("International Scientific Series.") 847
"Text-Book of Organic Chemistry" (Strecker) 849
"Sensation and Pain" (Taylor) 849
"Antiseptic Surgery" (Championnire) 851
"Origin of Primitive Superstitions" (Dorman) 851
"Calendar of the University at Tokio" 852
"English Philosophers: Bacon" (Fowler) 852
"Elements of Geometry" (Newcomb) 853
"History of Settlements along the Hudson and Mohawk Rivers" (Fernow) 853
"Houses and House-Life of the American Aborigines" (Morgan) 853
"Geology of the Environs of Tokio" (Brauns) 854
"Resources of the Black Hills of Dakota" (Newton and Jenney) 854
"Measurements of the Force of Gravity at Tokio" (Mendenhall) 854
Botanist, A, of the Ninth Century 523
Bowen, Eliza A. 300
Broca, M. Paul, Sketch of. (Portrait.) 261
Brocks, Margarette W., Letter from 268
Brush, Professor George Jarvis, Sketch of 117
Bryant, Charles S., Letter from 553