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Book notices: PAGE
"Notes on the Progress of Mineralogy in 1884" (Lewis) 852
"Mind in Medicine" (Bartol) 852
"Babyhood" (Harland) 852
Breitenbach, Dr. W. 365
Brennan, G. A. 268
Brewster, Sir David, Sketch of 546
Brooks, Professor W. K. 323
Büttner, Rev. O. G. 99

Cacao, Cultivation of 141
Calculating-Machines 441
Campbell, Cl. T., M.D. 524
Cancer, English Experiences with 688
Cancer, Increase of 572
Canker-Worm, The 569
Cannibalism as a Custom 205
Capacities, a Blind Man's 861
Cave-Men, The Esquimaux and the 287
Cell, Structure and Division of the Organic 810
Chavannes, Albert 269
Chemistry, The, of Cookery 91
Chemistry, The, of Cookery 217
Chemistry, The, of Cookery 368
Chemistry, The, of Cookery 517
Chemistry, The, of Cookery 671
Chemistry, The, of Cookery 819
Chemists, Official, The Association of 286
Children, Omaha 574
Children's Parties, Evils of 572
Chilian Volcanoes, Active and Extinct 88
Chimpanzee, Psychology of the 853
Chinese Ancestral Worship, Origin of 861
Cholera 503
Cholera 621
Cholera 750
Chronology of the Fossil Flora 574
Cities, Wild Birds in 718
Civilization, Rapid Perils of 224
Clarke, Frank Wigglesworth 577
Classics, Question, The, German Testimony on 20
Collection, The Lapham, The Loss of 568
Collet, Oscar W. 376
Consciousness, The Nervous System and 731
Continent, a Former Southern 428
Contrast, Is The, Valid? 126
Cookery, The Chemistry of 91
Cookery, The Chemistry of 217
Cookery, The Chemistry of 368
Cookery, The Chemistry of 517
Cookery, The Chemistry of 671
Cookery, The Chemistry of 819
Correspondence 267
Correspondence 553
Correspondence 840
Cotton Production, The, of Alabama 422
Craighead, J. B. 39
Crothers, T. D., M.D. 187
Culture, The Relation of Science to 557
Cumberland Sound and its Eskimos 768
Customs, Old, of Lawlessness 105

D'Alviella, Count Goblet De 779
Damaraland, Domestic Arts in 99
Davies, Nathaniel E., L.R.C.P. 213