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Death-Rates, Sick-Rates and 524
De Saporta, M. Antoine 529
Development, Industrial, Science and 429
Dolphin, Superstitions About the 691
Dominica, a Naturalist's Excursion in 679
Drift-Copper in Iowa 856
Dunn, H. P., F.R.C.S. 688

Earthquake, The, of September 19th 424
Earthquake, Recent, Extent of the 268
Economy of Light 423
Edible Birds'-Nests, Gathering 430
Edis, Robert W., F.S.A. 379
Edis, Robert W., F.S.A. 826
Editor's Table 124
Editor's Table 269
Editor's Table 407
Editor's Table 554
Editor's Table 701
Editor's Table 841
Education, a Project in Industrial 632
Electrical Conference, The, Discussions At 286
Electricity, What Is? 76
English Board-Schools, Over-Pressure in 862
Esquimaux, The, and the Cave-Men 287
Evolution and the Destiny of Man 456
Expert Testimony, Medical 603
Eye-Sight, The, Importance of Cultivating 715

Fast Modern Life, Suicide a Product of 857
Ferment-Organism, The, in Plant-Growth 715
Fernald, F. A. 20
Fernald, F. A. 336
Fernald, F. A. 796
Field-Experiments in Agriculture 498
Fire-Insurance, a Chapter in 759
Fish and Fishing in Chinese Waters 652
Floods, The Ohio, Causes of 840
Flora, Chronology of the Fossil 574
Flora, North American, Characteristics of 422
Flowers, Queer 177
Flowers, Queer 553
Fog-Particles, Experiments with 570
Food and Feeding 468
Food for Mice, Oil and Earths as 857
Fossil Human Skeletons, Antiquity of 430
Fouillé, Alfred 194
Fowls, Domestic Parasites in 714
Fuel, Natural Gas as a Source of 142
Fungi, How, Live in Winter 611

Gases, The Elementary, Liquefaction of 249
Gas, Natural, as a Source of Fuel 142
Geographical Society, The Oldest 717
Germany, Studying in 347
Girls, Physical Training of 495
Gladiators of the Sea 336
Glashan, J. C. 169
Glass, Phosphoric, and its Applications 427