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Coffin, Prof., Sketch of. (Portrait.) 503
Coloring Matter of Blood 251
Compulsory Attendance in Colleges 235
Constitution of Matter 547
Constitution of Nebulæ. (Illustrated.) 129
Continents, Old 573
Controlling Sex in Butterflies 252
Crawfish, Reproduction of Eyes in 525

Dangers and Securities of Science 240
Darwinism, what it means 654
Darwinism, Agassiz and 692
Death, Physiology of 270
Deep-Sea Problems 451
Dental Art among the Japanese 250
"Depths of the Sea" (by Thompson), Notice of 122
"Descriptive Sociology" (by Spencer) 516
Diamonds, Remarkable 251
Direction, Faculty of 521
"Diseases of the Urinary Organs" (by Gouley), Notice of 121
Domestic Economy of Fuel 297
Drift-Deposits of the Northwest. (Illustrated.) 202
Drift-Deposits of the Northwest. (Illustrated.) 286
Drought and Cold, Action of, on Forest-Trees 249

Ear, Hygiene of the 139
Early Hindoo Mathematics 334
Economy of Railway Locomotion 146
Education in Japan 120
Education in Sierra Leone 396
Education, Scientific, Aims of 639
Education in the Far West 391
Educational Convention at Elmira 766
Educational Discipline, Science in 510
Egyptian Mines, Ancient 526
Elective Studies at Harvard 769
Electric Telegraph. (Illustrated.) 401
Elimination of Carbonic Acid by the Skin 251
Euthanasia 90
Evolution and Mind 359

Faculty of Direction 521
Fertilization of Flowers 652
Finding the Way at Sea 717
Fish-Culture in New Zealand 650
Flowers, Fertilization of 652
Fly, Viviparous 398
"Foods" (by Smith), Notice of 647
Foods, Nature and Influence of 441
Footprints on the Rocks. (Illustrated.) 428
Forbes, Prof., Life of 770
Forest-Trees, Action of Drought and Cold on 249