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Fossil Monkeys 519
Freezing, Effects of, on Wine and Spirits 654
Freezing of Plants and Animals 96
Fuel, Domestic Economy of 193

Gas, Illuminating, New Material for 254
Gases: which Liquefiable 254
Geography in Schools 389
Geological Surveys in their Educational Bearings 243
Glaciers, New England 127
Glaciers, The, and their Investigators 746
Glass-Sponges, The. (Illustrated.) 529
Godwin's, Parke, Letter 115

Habits, Acquired, Hereditary Transmission of 303
Heart-Disease and Overwork 779
Heart, Motions of 781
Heat, Morbid Effects of 497
Henslow, John Stephens. (Portrait.) 159
Hereditary Transmission of Acquired Psychical Habits 303
Heredity in Mastiffs 126
Hindoo Mathematics 321
Hippopotamus, The, and her Baby. (Illustrated.) 85
"Home and School" 774
Hotchkiss's Revolver-Cannon 651
Human Crania, Quatrefages on 779
Hydrophobia and the Imagination 253
Hydrophobia not an Imaginary Disease 509
Hygiene of the Ear 139
"Hygiene: A Fortnightly Journal of Sanitary Science" 122
Hypnotism in Animals 618

Illumination, Magneto-Electric. (Illustrated.) 584
In Quest of the Pole 363
Industrial Occupations of Women 653
Infant Mortality 782
Inherited Traces of Surgical Operations 521
Instinct in Insects 12
Instinct in Insects 149
Intellectual Powers of Birds 614
"Introduction to Chemical Physics" (by Pynchon), Notice of 517
Ivory, Vegetable 251

Japan, Education in 120
Jute, Paper from 524

"Lessons in Elementary Anatomy" (by Mivart), Notice of 247
"Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity" (by Stephen), Notice of 395
Liebig, Baron, Sketch of. (Portrait.) 232
Light-Waves and Sound-Waves 519
Longevity of Trees. (Illustrated.) 321
Lowly Vegetable Forms 469
Lunar Temperatures 448