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Madeira as a Health-Resort 653
Magneto-Electric Illumination. (Illustrated.) 584
Man, Antiquity of 255
Matter, The Constitution of 547
"Mechanism of the Ossicles of the Ear" (by Helmholtz), Notice of 249
Mental Science and Sociology 676
Meteorological Observations in the Upper Atmosphere 520
Meteors 123
Mill, John Stuart, his Life and Character. (Portrait.) 367
"Mineral Springs of the United States and Canada" (by Walton.) 515
Mines, Ancient Egyptian 526
Mistletoe, The 397
Mommsen's History 111
Monkeys, Fossil 519
Moon, The 756
Moon, Temperature of 448
Morbid Effects of Heat 497
Mortality, Infant 782
"Mystery of Matter" (by Picton), Notice of 775
"Myths and Myth-Makers" (by Fiske), Notice of 773

Natural Selection 22
National University 689
Nature and Influence of Foods 441
Nature and Origin of the Drift-Deposits of the Northwest 286
Nebula, The Great, in Orion 564
Nebulae, Constitution of. (Illustrated.) 129
Niagara, Observations on 210
Normal Schools, Scientific 113
Notes 128
Notes 255
Notes 399
Notes 527
Notes 655
Notes 783

Observations on Niagara 210
Ocean-Cables 38
Old Continents 573
Orientals at Vienna 493
Orion, The Great Nebula in 564
Overwork, Heart-Disease and 779
Oxygen, Poisoning by 782

Parthenogenesis in Shrimps 399
Physical Science, its Primary Concepts 705
Physiology of Death 270
Plants, The Battle of Life among 75
Plants and Animals, Freezing of 96
Poisonous Volcanic Gases 780
Poisoning by Oxygen 782
Political Bias 172
Politics, Natural Selection in 230
"Popular Lectures on Scientific Subjects," by Helmholtz 513
Porpoise, Habits of the 522
Powers, The Intellectual, of Birds 614