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Fielde, Miss Adele M. The Chinese Theory of Evolution * 397
Films, The Laws of.* Mrs. S. B. Herrick 620
Fishes, Deep-Sea. (Misc.) 135
Flames, Sensitive, and Sound-Shadows.* W. Le Conte Stevens 36
Flour-making in the Northwest. (Misc.) 570
Fogs, London, Composition of. (Misc.) 282
Forestry Association, The American. (Misc.) 423
Fossils, Interesting, of British North America. (Misc.) 424
Friction, If there were no. (Misc.) 135
Fuegians and Patagonians, Darwin on the* 744

Gem Minerals of Canada. (Misc.) 862
Germination, Experiments in. (Misc.) 283
Giffen, Robert. The Gross and Net Gain of Rising Wages 649
Glaisher, James, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 546
Glass-Making. III. The Evolution of a Glass Bottle.* C. H. Henderson 154
Governmental Aid to Injustice. G. M. Wallace 191
Greenland, The Ice-Cap of. (Misc.) 277
Greenwood, Frederick. Letters on the Land Question 334
Greenwood, Frederick. Letters on the Land Question 507
Gulf Stream, The Fate of the. (Misc.) 133

Harvest, A, from the Ocean. C. M. Strahan 377
Health Resorts, British, Climates of. (Misc.) 141
Henderson, C. Hanford. A Chemical Prologue 668
"Glass-Making. III. The Evolution of a Glass Bottle* 154
Henry, Stuart O. Rainfall on "The Plains" 535
Herbert, Auberon. Letters on the Land Question 507
Herrick, Mrs. Sophie Bledsoe. Sketch of A. J. F. Plateau. (With Portrait) 693
The Laws of Films* 620
Hilber, Vinzenz. The Struggle of Sea and Land 222
Himalayan Vegetation, Stages of. (Misc.) 428
History in High and Preparatory Schools. (Misc.) 276
Horse-flesh, Distinctive Characteristics of. (Misc.) 141
Houzeau, J. C. The Meaning of Pictured Spheres 688
Human Body, Is the, a Storage-Battery? Hyland C. Kirk 76
Human Body, Why not "Cobble up" the? John McElroy. (Corr.) 120
Huron and Iroquois Burials. (Misc.) 717
Huxley, Thomas Henry. Letters on the Land Question 334
Huxley, Thomas Henry. Letters on the Land Question 507
"On the Natural Inequality of Men 761

Iles, George. Two and a Half per Cent 349
Incendiaries, A Classification of. (Misc.) 284
Individualism. (Editor's Table) 557
Inequality, On the Natural, of Men. T. H. Huxley 761
Inheritance of Acquired Habit. (Misc.) 142
Insanity, The Test of. L. A. Tourtellot. (Corr.) 554
Intelligence of Squirrels. T. W. Mills 829
Irish Holiday Customs. (Misc.) 858
Iron, The Office of, in the Blood. (Misc.) 286