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Meteorite Swarms, The Moving Forces of. (Misc.) 425
Meyer, Otto. Birds with Teeth.* 382
Mills, T. Wesley. Intelligence of Squirrels 829
Mining, Ancient Aboriginal. (Misc.) 131
Minnesota, An Unsettled Part of. (Misc.) 276
Minority, A, but not a Sect. (Editor's Table) 122
Moral Instruction in our Public Schools. (Corr.) E. P. Meredith 843
Mound-Builders and Indians. (Misc.) 283
Mounds, Aboriginal, in Manitoba. (Misc.) 571
Mount Roraima. (Misc.) 279
Music, What it takes to play a Piece of. (Misc.) 278

Northern Lights. W. Stosz 801
Notes 143
Notes 286
Notes 430
Notes 575
Notes 718
Notes 863
Obituary Notes 288
Obituary Notes 432
Obituary Notes 720
Obituary Notes 864
Orchids, The Pare Forms of.* J. Dybowski 359
Ousley, Clarence N. A Lesson in Co-operation 821

Packard, A. S. The Effect of Cave Life on Animals 389
Paleolithic Man in America, The Descendants of. Charles C. Abbott 145
Palm-Oil. (Misc.) 429
Palm-Trees and their Uses.* J. Poisson 371
Panama Canal Projects, Old. (Misc.) 859
Paros, The Island of, and its Marbles. (Misc.) 284
Pascagoula, The Mysterious Music of. C. E. Chidsey 791
Patriarchal Estate, A. (Misc.) 142
Patrick, G. T. W. The Psychology of Prejudice 633
Peple, Charles A. Environment and the Reproductive Power of Animals. (Corr.) 409
Perfumes, Flowers and. (Misc.) 430
Philpott, Henry J. A Novel Water-Cooler. (Corr.) 700
"Irrigation of Arid Lands 364
Phthisis, Climate and. (Misc.) 138
Physiognomy, The, of the Mouth.* Th. Piderit 678
Piderit, Th. The Physiognomy of the Mouth.* 678
Plain Words on the Woman Question. Grant Allen 170
Plateau, A. F. J., Sketch of. (With Portrait.) Mrs. S. B. Herrick 693
Poisson, J. Palm-Trees and their Uses* 371
Political Economy. (Editor's Table) 845
Politics and Farm Mortgages. (Corr.) F. A. Fernald 843
Precious Stones in the United States. (Misc.) 715
Prejudice, the Psychology of. G. T. W. Patrick 633
Property, The Right to. John H. Wigmore. (Corr.) 121
Prunes. (Misc.) 137
Public Schools and Crime. C. S. Davis. (Corr.) 700
Public Schools as affecting Crime and Vice. B. Reece 319
Publications received 130
Publications received 275
Publications received 422
Publications received 569
Publications received 713
Publications received 857

"Rabbit Pest," The, in Australia. (Misc.) 132
Racial Developments, A Comparison in. (Editor's Table) 265