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Borers, Rotten Logs as Breeders of. (Misc.) 424
Botany in the Harvard Museum. (Misc.) 568
Bulgarian House Communities. (Misc.) 427

Cahall, W. C, M. D. The French Institute 83
Calendar, The Kibanga. (Misc.) 860
Cancer and Nervous Disease. (Misc.) 278
Cañon, The Colorado. (Misc.) 858
Catlin, George, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 402
Caucasus, The Central Group of the. (Misc.) 574
Census, Lessons from the. C. D. Wright 721
Charity as a Fetich. (Misc.) 411
Chartreuse Liqueur, The. (Misc.) 428
Cheney, Simeon Pease. Music, The, of the Birds 250
Chigger, The. (Misc.) 277
Chinese Prize Essays. (Misc.) 283
Clark, Emmons. Sanitary Improvement in New York during the Last Quarter of a Century 319
Clarke, Frank W. Relations, The, of Abstract Research to Practical Invention 540
Claypole, Mrs. Katharine B. My Garden on an Onion* 72
Coal-fields, English, Extension of the. (Misc.) 573
Cocoa. (Misc.) 281
Color-blindness, New Tests for. (Misc.) 282
Colors, The, of Letters. D. S. Jordan 367
Conant, R. W., M. D. Hypocrisy as a Social Debaser 475
Consumption Germs. (Misc.) 279
Copernicus, Nicolaus, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 256
Crocodiles, Fishing for. (Misc.) 282
Currency Question, A Coming Solution of the. C. S. Ashley 358
Cypress Knees, Function of. (Misc.) 277

Daly, Dominick. The Mexican Messiah 95
Deformations.* F. Starr 488
Delepine, Sheridan, M. B. Fortifying against Disease 30
Denudation, Dry. (Misc.) 715
Disease, Fortifying against. S. Delepine 30
Dogs, The, of Ancient Egypt.* G. Maspero 809
Dolbear, A. E. Metamorphoses in Education 750
Dress and Adornment.* F. Starr 488 787
Durfee, William F. The Manufacture of Steel* 729
Duty as a Science. (Editor's Table) 845

Economic Entomology, Value of. (Misc.) 856
Education, The, of Children 106
"Metamorphoses in. A. E. Dolbear 750
Ellis, A. B. Survivals from Marriage by Capture 207
"On Polyandry 801
Eskimo Boats of the Northwest. J. Murdoch 682
Ethics, Applied, School of. (Misc.) 274