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Ethics in the Schools. (Corr.) B. C. Mathews 121
Evolution, The Doctrine of, its Scope and Influence. J. Fiske 577
Exercise for Elderly People. F. Lagrange 771
Eyes, Care of Our. (Misc.) 142

Fairy Tales, Bahaman. (Misc.) 859
Farmers' Crisis, The. (Misc.) 856
Feet-washing and Feet-kissing. (Corr.) J. G. Roger and G. Mallery 262
Fernald, Frederik A. Ice-making and Machine Refrigeration* 19
Filth Disease, What constitutes a? (Misc.) 712
Fire-ball, A, in Art. (Misc.) 426
Fiske, John. Doctrine, The, of Evolution: its Scope and Influence 577
Folk Lore, Indian, The Phonograph in. (Misc.) 861
Forest in Hungary. (Misc.) 714
Forestry, United States Division of. (Misc.) 714
Francheschini, R. Musical Insects* 678
French Institute, The. W. C. Cahall, M. D. 83
Fruit, Packing, for Transportation. (Misc.) 425
Fruits, Choice Oriental. (Misc.) 282

Garden, My, on an Onion.* Mrs. K. B. Claypole 72
Giddings, Howard A. The Natchez Indians 201
Ginseng in Commerce.* J. J. Bell 546
Glacial Epoch, A, in the Carboniferous Period. (Misc.) 425
"Monument, A, (Misc.) 709
Glacial Period, Climatic Conditions of the. (Misc.) 281
Gladstone, William E. Professor Huxley and the Swine-Miracle 502
Gladstone's, Mr., Controversial Method, Illustrations of. T. H. Huxley 522
Glass in Science.* C. H. Henderson 611
Goodale, George Lincoln, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 691
Gore, J. Ellard. Meteoritic Hypothesis, The 344
Grandfathers, Our, died too Young. Mrs. H. N. Plunkett 167
Gypsy-carried Folk Lore. (Misc.) 285

Hand-marks. (Misc.) 716
Head-flattening as seen among the Navajo Indians.* R. W. Shufeldt, M. D. 535
Hearing in the Lower Animals. P. Bonnier 832
Henderson, C. Hanford. Glass in Science* 611
High-altitude Cure, Permanent Value of the. (Misc.) 573
Hoarding, Modes of. (Misc.) 283
Hoffmeyer, Niels H. C., Sketch of. (With Portrait) 115
Hollow Ware, American, The First Piece of.* (Misc.) 423
Homes, Building. (Misc.) 569
Honduras, Resources of. (Misc.) 568
Hospitals, Parasites of. (Misc.) 718
Huxley, T. H. Illustrations of Mr. Gladstone's Controversial Method 522
Huxley, Professor, and the Swine-Miracle. W. E. Gladstone 502
"on the War-path. II. The Duke of Argyll 56
Hygiene, From Fetich to. A. D. White 433
Hygiene, From Fetich to. A. D. White 600
Hypnotism as a Therapeutic Agent. (Misc.) 274
Hypocrisy as a Social Debaser. R. W. Conant 475