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Ice-making and Machine Refrigeration.* F. A. Fernald 19
Industries, American, The Development of, since Columbus.* S. N. D. North 176
Industries, American, The Development of, since Columbus.* S. N. D. North 289
""""W. F. Durfee 729
Insane, Schools for the. O. W. Pilgrim 634
Insects, Musical.* E. Francheschini 678
"The Characteristics of.* L. Montillot 223
Irrigation in Egypt. (Misc.) 859

Jade, Diffusion of. (Misc.) 286
James, Joseph F. Pollen: its Development and Use* 330
Jesuitism, The New, and Social Reform. (Editor's Table) 410
Jordan, David Starr. Colors, The, of Letters 367

Kavir, The Salt Marsh of the. (Misc.) 710

Labor as a Means of Human Improvement. (Misc.) 571
Labor, Mobility of. (Misc.) 140
Lagrange, Fernand. Exercise for Elderly People 771
Lamps, Incandescent, Making. (Misc.) 716
Land, the Dry, The Future of. A. de L'Apparent 246
Languages, Spontaneous. (Misc.) 567
L'Apparent, A. de. The Future of the Dry Land 246
Leather, Mexican. (Misc.) 718
Lee, Dr. Mary V. An Experiment in Moral Training 50
Lemons, Cultivation of, in Sicily. (Misc.) 718
Leprosy, Characteristics of. (Misc.) 280
Liberty and Civilization. (Editor's Table) 263
Life, Persistence of. (Misc.) 138
Lightning, the Nature of a Flash of. (Misc.) 429

McGill University, Science at. (Misc.) 574
Malays and Negritos of Malacca. (Misc.) 277
Mallery, Garrick. Feet-washing and Feet-kissing. (Corr.) 262
Man and the Glacial Period.* G. F. Wright 314
Mangoes. (Misc.) 280
Marriage by Capture, Survivals from. A. B. Ellis 207
"Curiosities of. (Misc.) 284
Maspero, G. Dogs, The, of Ancient Egypt* 809
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, The. (Misc.) 429
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, The. (Misc.) 569
Massage in Ancient Times. (Misc.) 278
Mathews, B. C. Ethics in the Schools. (Corr.) 121
Medicine in Thibet. (Misc.) 286
"Patent, Evolution of. L. J. Vance 76
Memories, Extraordinary. (Misc.) 139
Mesopotamian Peoples. (Misc.) 718
Meteoritic Hypothesis, The. J. E. Gore 344
Mexican Messiah, The. D. Daly 95
Milk and Cream, The Care of. (Misc.) 425
"Processes for Sterilizing. (Misc.) 572