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Books noticed: PAGE
Ward, H. M. The Oak 556
Waterdale. Fresh Light on the Dynamic Action and Ponderosity of Matter 852
Weisman, A. Essays upon Heredity, vol. ii 854
Whiteley, It. L. Chemical Calculations 274
Whymper, E. Travels among the Great Andes of the Equator 273
Winslow, A. Coal Deposits of Missouri 131

Boots and Shoes, Manufacture of.* G. A. Rich 496
Botany, Beginnings in. B. D. Halsted 515
Brain, Temperature of the. (Misc.) 859
Brakemen, The Protection of. (Corr.) A. Morgan 698
Buddha, A, and its Meaning. (Misc.) 285
Burial Custom, Ancient Japanese. (Misc.) 567

C. L. H. Survival of Ancestral Traits. (Corr.) 123
Cadalso, A. Ruiz. Savage Superstitions. (Corr.) 123
Campbell, Charles W. Korean Mountains and Mountaineers 229
Cave Dwellings of Men.* W. H. Larrabee 27
Census, Eleventh. (Misc.) 715
Central American Monuments, Age of the. (Misc.) 861
Chapin, Henry Dwight, M. D. The Survival of the Unfit 182
Character, Human, Influence of Natural Surroundings on. (Misc.) 569
Chemical and Geographical Words, Changes in. F. A. Fernald 690
Chemung Geological Formation. (Misc.) 563
Childhood, American, from a Medical Standpoint. II. L. Taylor 721
Children, Scientific Observation of. (Misc.) 278
Chinese Characters and Hieroglyphics. (Misc.) 717
Churchill, Randolph. The Diamond Industry at Kimberley.* 455
Cigars, First, in Paris. (Misc.) 715
Color-vision, Defective, Remedies for. (Misc.) 862
Colors, The, of Water. C. Vogt 246
Common Sense wanted. (Editor's Table) 552
Contagions, Dealing with. (Misc.) 568
Cornwall, Tin Production of. (Misc.) 143
Correction, A. (Corr.) C. Paine 413
Crime, Natural Selection and. E. S. Morse 433
Criminality, Instinctive. (Misc.) 140
Crothers, T. D. Specifics for the Cure of Inebriety 732

Dancing, The Evolution of.* L. J. Vance 739
Davies, N. E. Yorke. Proper Diet for Hot Weather 365
Death-week in Rural Russia. (Misc.) 717
Delaware Indian. The, as an Artist.* C. C. Abbott 586
Dendrites.* S. Meunier 84
Desert Fruit, A. Grant Allen 109
Diamond, Genesis of the. (Corr.) J. F. Lewis 412
"Industry at Kimberley, The.* R. Churchill 455
Diatoms, What are?* E. L. Gregory 200
Diet, Proper, for Hot Weather. N. E. Y. Davies 365
""(Corr.) M. Miles 697
Diphtheria, Distribution of. (Misc.) 277