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Disease, Physiology and the Prevention of. J. M. Rice 308
"Down Below People. (Misc.) 280
Du Bois-Reymond, Emil. Science and Fine Art 16
Dust and Fresh Air. T. P. Teale 238

Earthquake, Curious Effects of an. (Misc.) 138
Eddy, William A. Incalculable Accidents 666
Education, The "American Experiment" in. (Editor's Table) 267
Egypt, Agriculture in. (Misc.) 573
Egyptians, Natural Selection among. (Misc.) 715
Electric Light, New. (Misc.) 137
Embroidery by Machinery. (Misc.) 282

Families and Dwellings. C. D. Wright 474
Fernald, Frederik A. Changes in Chemical and Geographical Words 690
Fisheries, British. (Misc.) 286
Flame, Suspended Matter in. (Misc.) 142
Floras, American, Succession of. (Misc.) 429
Fog, Drops of. (Misc.) 139
Folk Lore, Evolution in. D. D. Wells 45
Food-vessels, Aluminum in. (Misc.) 569
Foot, The Prehensile, of East Indians.* F. Regnault 489
Forest Management, Objects of. (Misc.) 566
Fruit, Sulphuring Dried. (Misc.) 574
Funeral Customs in New Guinea. (Misc.) 716
Fungicides, Action of. (Misc.) 712
Fungus-nurseries, Wild Plants as. (Misc.) 572

Galileo Case, The Retreat of Theology in the. A. D. White 145
Galvani, Luigi, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 408
Gardening, Exotic, Development of. (Misc.) 716
Geographical Work of 1891. (Misc.) 860
Geography. A. D. White 446
Geography. A. D. White 577
Geology, Why we should teach. A. S. Packard 73
Glass, Soldering Metals to. (Misc.) 861
Gold-cure, Historical Notes on the. H. C. Bolton 469
Gore, J. Ellard. "New" and Variable Stars 396
Greenland Vegetation, Origin of. (Misc.) 136
Gregory, Emily L. What are Diatoms?* 200
Gutta Percha, Sources of. (Misc.) 284

Halsted, Byron D. Beginnings in Botany 515
""Pestiferous Plants 225
Healing Art, Limitations of the. H. Nothnagel 77
Heck, L. Two Rare Monkeys.* 389
Henderson, C. Hanford. Mica and the Mica Mines 652
Henry, Charles. Odors and the Sense of Smell 682
Herbert, Auberon, and Harold Wager. Bad Air and Bad Health 97
Homes, Some Indian, A Comparative Study of.* R. W. Shufeldt 798
Horses, Many-toed. (Misc.) 427