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warded it to me, when its exact resemblance in form and finishing to an implement which I have in my own collection, that was obtained by Dr. Evans, of London, at Amiens, France, greatly impressed me. I forwarded it immediately to Prof. H. W. Haynes,

PSM V43 D044 Paleolithic chipped stones from newcomerstown and amiens.jpg
Fig. 4.—The Smaller is the Palæolith from Newcomerstown, the Larger from Amiens, France (face view). Reduced one half in diameter.

of Boston, whose expert judgment is second to that of no other person in America, or indeed of the world. Prof. Haynes exhibited it at the meeting of the Boston Society of Natural History on May 7, 1890, and his account was published in the Proceedings of that evening. In conclusion, after having enumerated its distinctive characteristics, he said, "I desire to express most emphatically my belief in the genuineness and age of this Newcomerstown implement, as well as to call attention to the close resemblance in all particulars which it bears to these unquestioned palæolithic implements [which he exhibited beside it] of the Old World." This implement is not a "reject," but is a finished implement, with the secondary chippings all around the edge. The