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cuts, reproduced from photographs, perfect as they are, by no means do it justice.

I promptly gave an account of this discovery in The Nation, in its issue for April 24, 1890, and repeated it in substance with some additional particulars on page 620 of the third edition of my volume on The Ice Age in north America. This account was also reprinted in The Popular Science Monthly, Volume XXXIX, pages 314: to 319. The account in my later volume, on Man and the Glacial Period, is still more condensed. The more detailed evidence is published in Tract No. 75 of the Western Reserve Historical Society, Cleveland, Ohio, containing the report of the meeting

PSM V43 D045 Edge views of the paleolithic chipped stones.jpg
Fig. 5.—Edge View of the Preceding.

when Mr. Mills was present and gave his own testimony. This was held December 12, 1890.

The facts are these: There is a glacial gravel terrace in Newcomerstown at the mouth of Buckhorn Creek, where it enters the larger valley of the Tuscarawas River. There can be no question about the glacial age of this terrace. It is continuous up the