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Helmholtz's Tribute to Heinrich Hertz 182
Henderson, C. Hanford. Manual Training 48
Henderson, C. Hanford. Manual Training 799
Hertz, Heinrich, Helmholtz's Tribute to 182
Hubbard, Bela. The Lesson of the Forest Fire? 586
Hygiene of the Teeth. (Misc.) 283

Industry, An Old. M. H. Leonard 649
Infants, Hearing of. (Misc.) 712
Insane Kings, The, of the Bible. (Misc.) 429
Insanity, Communicated. G. W. Pilgrim 828
Ivory, Kinds of. (Misc.) 139

Janes, Lewis G., M. D. Ethics in Natural Law 322
Jordan, David Starr. Sketch of Charles A. Lesueur. (With Portrait) 547
"""The Need of Educated Men 164

Kindergarten, The Elements of Speech in the (Misc.) 856
Kishimoto, Nobuta. Shinto, the Old Religion of Japan 206
Knight, George Henry. Schoolroom Ventilation as an Investment 393

Labrador, The Grand Falls of. (Misc.) 282
Langley, John W. Some Material Forces of the Social Organism 502
Leaves, The Falling of the. (Misc.) 135
Leonard, Miss Mary H. An Old Industry 649
Lesueur, Charles A., Sketch of. (With Portrait). D. S. Jordan 547
Lewes, Vivian. The Chemistry of Cleaning 101
Lichtenthaler Collection, The. (Misc.) 137
Lung-tests, Two. F. L. Oswald 343

McClatchie, Alfred James. Biological Work in Secondary Schools 634
Magnetic Changes, Secular. (Misc.) 426
Man, Pithecoid. E. P. Evans 183
Manganese in Alabama. (Misc.) 424
Manual Training. C. H. Henderson 48
Manual Training. C. H. Henderson 799
Maps, Characteristics of. (Misc.) 718
Martel, E. A. Animals that Live in Caves* 815
Mashona Granaries. (Misc.) 860
Medicine, Preventive, Twenty-five Years of. Mrs. H. M. Plunkett 302
Merrill, Frederick J. H. The Geology of Natural Scenery 240
Meteorology, Windmills and. P. J. De Ridder 522
Michigan, Lake, The Ancient Outlet of. W. M. Davis 217
Miller, S. Millington, M. D. The "Mutual Aid Society" of the Senses* 640
"Missing Link," Discovery of a. (Misc.) 717
Mistaken Diagnoses. (Misc.) 573
Morgan, Appleton. The Successor of the Railway 750
Morse, Fred W. Redonda and its Phosphates 78
Mountain Ascent, The Highest, and the Effects of Rarefied Air. E. S. Balch 668
Mountains, The Atlas. (Misc.) 140
Mythology, The Sioux. C. A. Eastman 88