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Nansen, Fridtjof. A Day's Hunting among the Eskimos* 446
Nasal Index, Value of the. (Misc.) 425
Naturalist, The Work of the. (Misc.) 717
Nature's Commerce. (Misc.) 571
"Triumph. J. Rodway 456
Nuttall, Thomas, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 689

Obituary Notes. Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand, von Helmholtz, Josiah Parsons Cooke, George Huntington Williams, H. K. Brugsch, Sir Edward Augustus Inglefield 144
Garrick Mallery, Terrien de Lacouperie, William Topley, N. Pringsheim 432
Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Peters, Francesco Denza, Arthur Cowper Ranyard, F. B. Hawkins, Lewis R. Gibbs 720
Marquis Louis Charles Joseph Gaston de la Saporta, Arthur Cayley 864
Ocean Currents, Importance of. (Misc.) 425
Olmsted, Denison, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 401
O'Reilly, G. R. The Cobra and other Serpents* 67
Organic Growth, Correlation of Factors in. E. Strasburger 397
Oswald, Felix L. Two Lung-tests 343

Packard, A. S. The Birth of a Sicilian Volcano* 577
Palæography. (Misc.) 281
Paleontological Riches of Texas. (Misc.) 424
Paulsen, Friedrich. The University as a Scientific Workshop 170
Personal Equation, The, in Human Truth. Reuben P. Halleck 792
Phosphates, Redonda and its. F. W. Morse 78
Pilgrim, Charles W., M. D. Communicated Insanity 828
Plants, Effects of Freezing on. (Misc.) 715
"The Senses of. (Misc.) 718
"The Thorns of.* H. Coupin 498
Plumbing, Old, Tests for. (Misc.) 573
Plunkett, Mrs. H. M. Twenty-five Years of Preventive Medicine 302
Political Authority, The Nature of. (Editor's Table) 268
Populist Logic. (Editor's Table) 124
Public Reservations in Massachusetts. (Misc.) 425
Pyburn, George, M. D. Sleep and Dreams. (Corr.) 697

Race, A Foot, Stilt, and Horse. (Misc.) 284
Races, Are Civilized, Superior? (Misc.) 568
Railway, The Successor of the. A. Morgan 750
Rayleigh, Lord. The Scientific Work of Tyndall 658
Rivers, Russian, Decrease of. (Misc.) 423
Rodway, James. Nature's Triumph 456

Salisbury, The Marquis of. Unsolved Problems of Science 33
Sanderson, T. J. Cobden. Bookbinding: Its Processes and Ideal 671
Sanitary Inspection of Schools. (Misc.) 137
Schools, Board, Scientific Method in. H. E. Armstrong 614
"Boarding, and Infection. (Misc.) 573
"Professional, Standards for. (Misc.) 136
"Secondary, Biological Work in. A. J. McClatchie 634