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"Science." (Editor's Table) 700
Science Endowments in the United States. (Misc.) 862
"Unsolved Problems of. The Marquis of Salisbury 33
Scientific Truth, The Nature of. (Misc.) 427
Scribner, G. Hilton. Brain Development as Related to Evolution 525
Selections in Seed-growing. (Misc.) 280
Senses, The "Mutual Aid Society" of the.* S. M. Miller, M. D. 640
Serviss, Garrett P. Pleasures of the Telescope. II. In the Starry Heavens* 289
III. The Starry Heavens. (Continued)* 466
IV. Virgo and her Neighbors* 738
Shad's Annual Pilgrimage, The. A. H. Gouraud 818
Shells, Fresh-water, Dispersal of. (Misc.) 712
Shinto, the Old Religion of Japan. N. Kishimoto 206
Shufeldt, R. W. Some of the "Outliers" among Birds* 760
Silk, Marine. (Misc.) 284
Silver Work, Oriental. (Misc.) 142
Sleep and Dreams. (Corr.) G. Pyburn, M. D 697
"The Chemistry of. H. Wurtz 230
Smith, Mrs. Burton. The Mother as a Power for Woman's Advancement 622
Social Organism, Some Material Forces of the. J. W. Langley 502
Sociology, A School of. (Editor's Table) 270
"in the Universities. (Editor's Table) 698
Sollas, W. T. Geologies and Deluges 245
Starr, M. Allen. Some Curiosities of Thinking 721
Strasburger, Eduard. Correlation of Factors in Organic Growth 397
Study, Play and. (Misc.) 570
Sully, James. Studies of Childhood. IV. The Child's Thoughts about Nature 186
V. Psychological and Theological Ideas 348
VI. First Attacks on the Mother Tongue 433
VII. Later Progress in Language 781
Symbols. H. Zimmern 539
Sully's, Prof., Inquiries. (Misc.) 856

Tanning School, The, of Freiburg. (Misc.) 863
Telescope, Pleasures of the, G. P. Serviss. II. In the Starry Heavens* 289
— III. The Starry Heavens. (Continued)* 466
— IV. Virgo and her Neighbors* 738
Telpherage Lines. (Misc.) 714
Theosophist Logic no Better. (Editor's Table) 125
Thinking, Some Curiosities of. M. A. Starr 721
Thompson, Zadoc, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 262
Thought, Progressive. (Editor's Table) 410
"Widening. (Editor's Table) 841
Tradition, Value of. (Misc.) 860
Tyndall, The Scientific Work of. Lord Rayleigh 658

University Extension. (Misc.) 281
"of Texas, Prof. Edwards and the. T. D. Wooten. (Corr.) 409
"The, as a Scientific Workshop. F. Paulsen 170