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Chain, The, of Species 460
Chain, The, of Species 568
Chemistry, Synthetic 39
Chloroform and Ether 507
Climate and Social Development 322
Coggia's Comet 637
Color in Animals 470
Colorado Potato-Beetle 761
Conditions affecting the Sex of Offspring 124
Crabs. (Illustrated.) 191
Cremation and its Alternatives 225
Crooked Courses of Light. (Illustrated) 32
Cyclones, Belt's Theory of 504

Darwin, Estimate of 475
Death-Point, Thermal, of Living Matter 695
Deposits in Steam-Boilers 124
Design, Doctrine of, and Evolution 98
Determination of Oxygen in Water 126
Development of Psychology 288
Development of Psychology 412
Dicotyledonous Plants, Species of 254
Distances of the Stars 423
Dogs, do they perspire? 764
Dust of the Universe 626

Education, New Experiments in 744
"of Women 764
"Scientific and Industrial, in the United States 170
"Sex in 198
"War and 370
Electric Light for Steamships 720
Eozoon Canadense 127
Estimate of Darwin 475
Evolution and the Doctrine of Design 98
"Mental, and Necessary Truths 357

Female Suffrage 427
Ferments, Fermentations, and Life 543
Field Telegraph. (Illustrated) 303
Fish, English, in Indian Waters 126
Food and the Development of Man 591
Foreign Lesson and Domestic Application 108
Fossil Edentates 384
Fossil Man of Mentone. (Illustrated) 641

Genesis, The, of Woman 269
Gigantic Relic 94
Glass, Action of Sunlight on 67
"Action of Mucilage on 624
Grape-Vine Pest. (Illustrated) 158
Grasshopper Plague in the West 760
Great Lava-Flood of the West 381
Growth and Reproduction 606

Habits of Bees 759
Hair-Snakes 509
Have Plants a Pedigree? (Illustrated) 129
Helmholtz, Prof., Sketch of. (Portrait) 231
Hints on the Stereoscope. (Illustrated) 311
Humming-Birds. (Illustrated) 277
Hydraulics, The, of Great Rivers 327