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I N D E X.

Aboriginal Art, Iron Age in. (Frag.) 422
Adams, Mabel Ellery. "Deaf and Dumb" 109
Æsthetics in Engineering. (Frag.) 140
African Cannibals, A Woman among. (Frag.) 423
Agricultural Depression. (Frag.) 426
Aiglun, Vicomte D'. A Dog's Laugh* 89
Alcohol, The Physiology of.* C. F. Hodge 594
Alcohol, The Physiology of.* C. F. Hodge 796
Allen, Grant. Spencer and Darwin 815
Allen, Harrison, M. D. Two Scientific Worthies* 80
American Association, New Elected Officers of the. (Frag.) 135
""Notes from the. (Frag.) 134
Andes, At the Top of the. (Frag.) 859
Animal Life, Earliest. (Frag.) 716
""The Abundance of. A. Gaudry 42
Animate World, The, a Unity. A. Gaudry 531
Antarctic Regions, Our Present Knowledge of the.* A. Heilprin 323
Ants as the Guests of Plants. M. Heim 827
Aquariums, Public, in Europe.* B. Dean 13
Asiatic and African Explorations in 1896. (Frag.) 860
Athletics for Women, Tendencies in, in Colleges and Universities. S. F. Richardson 517
Automatism, The Interpretations of. W. R. Newbold 507

Baku. (Frag.) 572
Baldwin, J. Mark. Two Scientific Congresses 196
Barnes, Mary Sheldon. Some Primitive Californians* 486
Bees as Weapons of War. (Frag.) 857
Bhils, Burmese, and Battaks, Notes on.* R. W. Shufeldt 34
Bicycle, Evolution of the. (Frag.) 427
Bignon, Fanny. Natural History in the Primary Schools of France 250
Binet, Alfred. Plural States of Being 539
Biology, Psychology, and Sociology, The Relations of. H. Spencer 163
Blatchley, W. S. How Plants and Animals spend the Winter 496
Books Noticed 126
Books Noticed 272
Books Noticed 412
Books Noticed 557
Books Noticed 703
Books Noticed 846

Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia. Journal, Vol. X, Part IV 852
American Climatological Association. Transactions for 1896 709
American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Thirtieth Annual Report 127
Angling 707