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Books noticed: PAGE
Michigan State Board of Agriculture. Thirty-fourth Annual Report 709
Minnesota Chief Fire Warden's First Annual Report 132
Missouri Botanical Garden. Report for 1895 131
Mohr, Charles. Timber Pines of the Southern United States 851
Munro, John. The Story of Electricity 413
New Jersey State Geologist. Annual Report for 1894-'95 131
Nichols, Edward L., and William S. Franklin. Elements of Physics 709
Orford, Henry. Modern Optical Instruments 562
Packard, A. S. Bombycine Moths of America 852
Paine, Thomas. The Age of Reason 130
—Writings, Vol. IV 711
Parry, C. Hubert. Evolution of the Art of Music 559
Pierce, E. Dana. Problems In Elementary Physics 708
Public Libraries 277
Putnam, George Haven. The Question of Copyright 133
Questions and Answers in Drawing 277
Rayleigh, Lord, and William Ramsay. Argon 563
Richardson, Sir Benjamin Ward. Biological Experimentation 126
Ross, George W. The School System of Ontario 278
Russell, Ernest E. The Reason Why 419
Special Method in Natural Science 562
Spencer, Herbert. The Principles of Sociology, Vol. Ill 703
Surface Currents of the Great Lakes 710
Taber, C. A. M. The Coming Ice Age 562
Taylor, H. O. Ancient Ideals 846
Tilden, J. H. Cursed before Birth 563
Thorpe, T. E. Humphry Davy, Poet and Philosopher 413
Toronto Humane Society, Work accomplished by the, during 1887-'91 127
Trowbridge, John. What is Electricity? 412
Tuttle, Herbert B. Oxides 131
Uncle Sam's Letters on Phrenology 563
United States Bureau of Ethnology. Thirteenth Annual Report 130
—Commissioner of Education. Report for 1893-'94 710
—Department of Agriculture. Year-book for 1895 130
—Department of Labor. Bulletin, Nos. 4 and 5 133
—Fish Commission. Bulletin, Vol. XV 132
—Geological Survey. Fifteenth Annual Report 278
——Sixteenth Report 416
—Life-saving Service. Report for 1894-'95 565
Wells, David A., and others. America and Europe 278
White, Andrew D. Fiat Money Inflation in France 418
White, Emerson E. School Algebra 564
Wise, P. M. A Text-book for Training Schools for Nurses 560
Witchell, Charles A. The Evolution of Bird-Song 129
Woglom, G. T. Parakites 850
Youmans, W. J., editor. Pioneers of Science in America 852

Botanic Gardens. D. T. Macdougal 172
Botanic Gardens. D. T. Macdougal 312
Botanical Study, Progress in. (Frag.) 861
Botany, Morphological Significance of. (Frag.) 424
British Association, President's Address at the. (Frag.) 135
""Sectional Addresses in the. (Frag.) 135
Brush, Edward F., M. D. Condemnation of Criminals not Punishment 534

California "Diggers," The So-called.* M. L. Miller 201
Californians, Some Primitive.* M. S. Barnes 486
Cambodian Lesson in Anatomy. (Frag.) 137
Caviare in Russia. (Frag.) 571
Ceremony, Mescal. (Frag.) 140
Chemistry, Physical, Work of. (Frag.) 423
Chinese Cheap Money. (Frag.) 716
"Medicine. (Frag.) 283
Cliff-Dweller's Sandal, The.* O. T. Mason 676
Coldest Country, Life in the. (Frag.) 573
Color, The Popular Æsthetics of. J. Jastrow 361
Consumption and Consumptives. W. L. Russell 336
Courtney, Leonard. Individualism versus Collectivism 215