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Malthusianism, Interpretations of. (Corr.) A. F. Palmer 266
Man, American, in the Ice Age. (Frag.) 566
Mason, Otis T. Native American Pottery. (Corr.) 267
""The Cliff-Dweller's Sandal 676
Meteorology and Sacrilege. (Frag.) 137
Miller, Mabel L. The So-called California "Diggers"* 201
Mitchell, Maria, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 544
Mongoose, The Plague of the. (Frag.) 281
Moral Standard, The. W. H. Hudson 1
Motor Activities, The Employment of the, in Teaching. E. R. Shaw 56
Mushrooms, French. (Misc.) 570

Natural History in the Primary Schools of France. F. Bignon 250
Nature Study in the Chicago Schools. (Frag.) 567
Newbold, William Romaine. Double Personality 67
"""Possession and Mediumship 220
"""The Interpretations of Automatism 507
Newspaper and Periodical Industry. (Frag.) 285
New Zealand Alps. (Frag.) 856
Noble, C. W. The Borderland of Trampdom 252
Normal-School Teacher, "Confessions" of a. M. H. Leonard 620

Obituary Notes. George Brown Goode, Hubert A. Newton, J. L. Delboeuf, Otto Lilienthal 144
Josiah Dwight Whitney, William Crawford Winlock, H. Newell Martin 288
Luigi Palmieri, Armand Hippolyte Louis Fizeau, Felix Tisserand, Benjamin Apthorp Gould, Ferdinand von Müller 430
Emil Du Bois-Reymond, Horatio Hale, Henry Tremen, August Trécul, John Gregory Bourke, Hugo Gylden 576
W. F. Ainsworth 718
Orthodoxy, Anxious. (Table) 407

Packard, A. S. On the Crater of Mount Shasta 28
Palmer, Arthur F. Interpretations of Malthusianism. (Corr.) 266
Personality, Double. W. R. Newbold 67
Perry, Stephen J., Sketch of. (With Portrait) 835
Perton, Charles. Evolution of Insect Instinct 105
Peterson, Frederick, M. D. Idiots Savants 232
Petroleum, Asphalt, and Bitumen. A. Jaccard 380
Philosophy, the Synthetic, Completion of. (Table) 271
Pigeon, the Carrier, Evolution of the. G. Renaud 369
Planets, Life on the. J. Janssen 812
Plants, Circulation in. (Frag.) 715
Plural States of Being. A. Binet 539
Politics and Morals. (Table) 552
Possession and Mediumship. W. R. Newbold 220
Pottery, Native American. (Corr.) O. T. Mason 267
Prospective Railway Routes in Africa. (Frag.) 421