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Hereditary Crime. (Frag.) 285
Hering, D. W. A Year of the X Rays* 654
Himalayan Tea Porters. (Frag.) 861
Hirsch, William. The Psychology of Genius 389
Hodge, C. F. The Physiology of Alcohol 594
Hodge, C. F. The Physiology of Alcohol 796
Hoffman, Walter James, M. D., Popular Superstitions 92
Hornbooks. (Frag.) 425
Horseless Vehicles, Value of. (Frag.) 422
Hudson, William Henry. Herbert Spencer: the Man and his Work 433
""The Moral Standard 1

Idiots Savants. F. Peterson 232
"Illiteracy, Growing." (Table) 409
Indian Wampum Records. H. Hale 481
Indians of the Paraguay River. (Frag.) 138
India Rubber and Gutta-percha. C. Dooley 679
""Famine. (Frag.) 141
Individualism versus Collectivism. L. Courtney 215
Industrial Life, Modern, Reversions in, F, Smith 781
Insect Enemies of the Grape, (Frag.) 428
"Instinct, Evolution of. C. Perton 105
Iron Mine, A Curious Canadian. J, T. Donald 385
Irrigation, Experiment in. (Frag.) 424

Jaccard, A. Petroleum, Asphalt, and Bitumen 380
Jack Rabbits. (Frag.) 717
Janssen, Jules. Life on the Planets 812
Jastrow, Joseph. The Popular Æsthetics of Color 361
Joke, An almost too Successful. (Table) 123
Jordan, David Starr. The Moral of the "Sympsychograph." (Corr.) 265
"""The Stability of Truth 642
"""The Stability of Truth 749

Labor Laws, Time, Constitutionality of. (Frag.) 138
"Legislation, Effects of. (Frag.) 281
Labor's Share of Profit, (Frag.) 858
Language, The, of Crime. A. F. B. Crofton 831
Larrabee, W. H. The Scientific Work of W. D. Gunning. (With Portrait) 526
Lawn, Care of the. (Frag.) 568
Leffingwell, Albert. Shall Vivisection be Restricted? (Corr.) 265
Leighton, Margaret Wentworth. Shells* 46
"""Spiders and their Ways* 373
Leonard, Mary Hall. "Confessions" of a Normal-School Teacher 620
Libraries, Free, The Abuse of. (Table) 125
Lizards, Affections and Jealousies of. J. Delboeuf 395
Lobster's Motions, (Frag.) 717

Macdougal, D. T. Botanic Gardens* 172
Macdougal, D. T. Botanic Gardens* 312
Malarial Parasite, The, and other Pathogenic Protozoa.* G. M. Sternberg 628