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which tend to promote scientific and aesthetic culture. The formal title assumed by this body was 'The Board of Trustees of the Carnegie Fine Arts and Museum Collection Fund’ subsequently changed to 'The Trustees of the Carnegie Institute.’

The announcement of this gift and the conditions which were to govern the trust necessitated a change in the administration of the affairs of the Museum. The control of the Museum and the collections contained in it was transferred from the Academy of Science and Art to the newly appointed Trustees of the Endowment Fund, the Academy of Science and Art engaging to cooperate with the Trustees and to apply the revenues in their possession, derived from the annual dues of the membership, to the maintenance of courses of popular lectures in the hall of the Museum.

PSM V59 D016 Gustave Guttenberg.png

Gustave Guttenberg.

The immediate oversight of the Museum was vested by the action of the Trustees in a committee of eight, including ex officio the President of the Board. The committee as at first constituted consisted of the following gentlemen: C. C. Mellor, Chairman; Samuel Harden Church, Litt. D., Secretary; W. N. Frew, Esq., President of the Board; Rev. A. A. Lambing, President of the Western Pennsylvania Historical Society; Hon. H. P. Ford, Mayor of Pittsburgh; John A. Brashear, Sc. D.; Josiah Cohen, Esq., and W. J. Holland, LL. D., Chancellor of the Western University of Pennsylvania.

Unfortunately, the hand of death removed the man who would have been the first choice of the Trustees for the important position of Director of the new Museum. Professor Gustave Guttenberg died in