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Vienna before a full organization of the committee on the affairs of the Museum had been effected. The first act of the Board was to purchase from his widow the beautiful collection of minerals which he had made, and which had been one of the attractive features of the opening exhibition of the Museum,


PSM V59 D017 W N Frew president of the board of trustees.png

W. N. Frew, President of the Board of Trustees.

PSM V59 D017 C C Mellor chairman of the committee on the museum.png
PSM V59 D017 S H Church secretary of the board of trustees.png
C. C. Mellor, A.M., Chairman of the Committee on the Museum. H. Church, Litt. D., Secretary of the Board of Trustees.

After several experiments in administrative arrangement, which were not wholly satisfactory, in the spring of 1898 Dr. W. J. Holland was elected as the Director of the Museum. This relationship still continues.

The Museum at present occupies six halls, which are devoted to