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view to perfecting an organization to meet the demands of the future, and special attention has been devoted to securing the economical and efficient carrying out of the purposes of the law. It may be said that the early dangers are passed and that now the work is assuming something of a permanent or routine character, resulting from the experience already obtained.

The following list gives alphabetically by states and territories the principal projects in hand, the acreage which may be reclaimed, and the

PSM V66 D115 Land reclamation projects in southwest us 1904.png

principal reclamation projects under investigation by the reclamation service, october, 1904, indicating approximate areas within which public lands have been reserved. sloping lines indicate eastern boundary of reclamation states.

estimated expenditures or allotments already made. It is not possible to give with precision the acreage or cost, as there are almost innumerable contingencies, and it has not been considered wise to delay in order to ascertain with great exactness all the conditions which may be met. For example, the acreage to be reclaimed may be more or less dependent upon legal conditions or land titles to be secured, and the area will also be modified when a more complete knowledge has been obtained acre by acre of the reclaimable lands.