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In the column headed 'allotment' is given either the amount of money set aside by the order of the secretary, or the restricted fund, so called, which is to be expended in each state according to the feasibility of the project found. The Reclamation Act provides that the major portion of the fund shall be spent in the state or territory from which it originates if practicable. In a number of states where the question of practicability is under consideration, the restricted portion of the fund has been temporarily set aside pending definite action.

State or Territory. Project. Acres. Allotment.
Arizona Salt River 160,000 3,000,000
California Yuma 100,000 3,000,000
Colorado Uncompahgre 100,000 2,250,000
Idaho Minidoka 130,000 2,600,000
Kansas Pumping (?) 2,000 49,903 [1]
Montana Milk River 60,000 891,991 [1]
Nebraska North Platte 100,000 1,000,000
Nevada Truckee 200,000 3,000,000
New Mexico Hondo 10,000 240,000
North Dakota Ft. Buford and pumping 60,000 1,737,111 [1]
Oklahoma Otter Creek (?) 40,000 1,301,590 [1]
Oregon Malheur 90,000 2,000,600
South Dakota Belle Fourche 60,000 2,100,000
Utah Utah Lake 20,000 154,199 [1]
Washington Palouse 100,000 1,395,035 [1]
Wyoming Shoshone 100,000 2,250,000
Total 1,332,000 $26,970,429

In addition to the principal projects above listed, reconnoissance surveys are being carried on in each of the thirteen states and three territories, and alternative projects are also being examined with a view to construction if the principal projects, for any reason, are found to be impracticable. It is proposed to have these alternative projects carefully examined and ready for-construction as soon as the principal projects are out of the way. The following paragraphs give briefly the present state of knowledge concerning each of the principal projects:

Arizona.—The Salt River project contemplates the storage of water for approximately 160,000 acres of land and the development of pumping facilities for an additional acreage. The cost will probably be about $20 per acre, and ultimately from three to four million dollars may be expended.

California.—The Yuma project, on the Lower Colorado River, as now outlined involves the reclamation of 85,000 acres at a cost of $35 per acre, the land being on both sides of the river in California and Arizona.

Colorado.—The Gunnison project contemplates the reclamation of 100,000 acres of land in the Uncompahgre Valley, at a cost of about $25 per acre. This land is largely in private ownership. The project

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