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involves the building of a tunnel from Gunnison River, six miles in length and requiring four years to build.

Idaho.—The Minidoka project is for the reclamation of 100,000 to 120,000 acres of vacant public land on both sides of Snake River, at a cost of $26 per acre. This is to be accomplished by the construction

PSM V66 D117 Gunnison canyon near diversion tunnel.png

Gunnison Cañyon near Head of proposed Diversion Tunnel.

of a dam and canals and development of the gravity and pumping systems.

Kansas.—Investigations are being made of the feasibility of pumping water in Kansas, and particularly of the quantity and rate of movement of the-so-called underflow of western Kansas, and the practicability of bringing this to the surface.

Montana.—The Milk River project is for the reclamation of nearly 00,000 acres of land, mostly public, and located mainly on the south