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Agassiz, Louis 566
"Edward Everett Hale 305
Age, Growth and Death, the Problem of, Charles Sedgwick Minot 481
Air, the Sanitation of, Konrad Meier 19
Alaska, Glacial Erosion in, Ralph S. Tarr 99
Alcohol, Denatured, S. Lawrence Bigelow 243
Arts, The Classification of, Ira Howerth 429
Astronomy, Problems of 383
Audubon, John James, C. Hart Merriam 301
Automaton, Is Man an, George Stuart Fullerton 149

Babbitt, E. H., A Vocabulary Test 378
Baird, Spencer Fullerton, Hugh M. Smith 308
Beach, A Blazing, D. P. Penhallow 557
Berthelot and Moissan 475
Bigelow, S. Lawrence, Denatured Alcohol 243
Blazing Beach, D. P. Penhallow 557
Body, Is the Mind in the, George Stuart Fullerton 452
Books and Papers, Hygienic Requirements in the Printing of, Edmund B. Huey 542
Britton, N. L., John Torrey 297
Brooks, William Keith, Joseph Leidy 311
Brown, Charles W., The Jamaica Earthquake 385
Byers, Charles Alma, The Possibilities of the Salton Sea 5

Carnegie, Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching 188
"Institution, Report of the President 286
"Research Departments of 380
Century Plant and Some Other Plants of the Dry Country, William Trelease 207
Children, the Waste of, G. B. Mangold 549
Civology—A Suggestion. Lindley M. Keasbey 365
Classification of the Arts, Ira Howerth 429
Comparative Psychology, C. Judson Herrick 76
Conservation of Energy and Spelling Reform, W. Le Conte Stevens 265
Convocation Week Meetings 92
Convocation Week Meetings 183
Cope, Edward Drinker, Henry Fairfield Osborn 314
Coulter, W. S., Reclamation of the North Platte River Valley 372

Dana, James Dwight, Arthur T. Hadley 306
Death, Age, Growth and, the Problem of, Charles Sedgwick Minot 481
DeLand, Fred, Development of the Telephone Service 48
DeLand, Fred,"""" 229
DeLand, Fred,"""" 317
DeLand, Fred,"""" 404
DeLand, Fred,"""" 518
Denatured Alcohol, S. Lawrence Bigelow 243
Destructive Tendencies of Modern Life, Richard Cole Newton 330
Douglas and Wright, Opsonic Index of 95
Douglass, Andrew Ellicott, Illusions of Vision and the Canals of Mars 464
Drug Abuses and Their Effects on the People, J. Madison Taylor 459

Earthquake, Jamaica, Charles W. Brown 385
Economic Importance of Mosquitoes, John B. Smith 325
Education Board, General, Mr. Rockefeller's Gift to 287
Environment and Race, a Study of the Jews, Maurice Fishberg. 33
Erosion, Glacial, in Alaska, Ralph S. Tarr 99

Fishberg, Maurice, The Jews, a Study of Race and Environment 33
Flora of North America, the Progress of our Knowledge of, Lucien M. Underwood 497
Fossil Insects and the Development of the Class Insecta, Anton Handlibsch 55
Franklin. Benjamin, S. Weir Mitchell 291
Fullerton, George Stuart, Is the Mind in the Body? 452
"Is Man an Automaton? 149

Geological Survey, the Directorship of the 478
Glacial Erosion in Alaska, Ralph S. Tarr 99