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PSM V74 D209 Cassius Jackson Keyser.pngDr. C. J. Keyser.
Adrian Professor of Mathematics in Columbia University, Vice-president for the Section of Mathematics and Astronomy.
of the probable meeting of the association in Honolulu eighteen months hence; by Professor Wilson, of Columbia University, describing the classic researches made by him and others on the determination and heredity of sex; by Dr. Brown, U. S. Commissioner of Education, who spoke with authority on world standards of education; by Professor Penck, of Berlin, eminent as a geologist and geographer, who lectured on man, climate and soil, and by Professor Poulton, of Oxford, the leading authority on natural selection, PSM V74 D209 Louis Kahlenberg.pngDr. Louis Kahlenberg,
Professor of Physical Chemistry in the University of Wisconsin, Vice-president for the Section of Chemistry.
whose subject was mimicry in the butterflies of North America.

In addition to the great number of discussions and special sessions, two memorial meetings were of striking significance. PSM V74 D209 Carl Eugen Guthe.pngDr. Carl E. Guthe,
Professor of Physics in the University of Iowa, Vice-president for the Section of Physics.
The former students and colleagues of William Keith Brooks, professor at the Johns Hopkins University from its establishment in 1876 to his death, two months ago, met to do honor to his memory. No fewer than sixty joined in a dinner on the last day of the old year, and their numbers and standing not less than their words bore witness to the great influence exerted by Brooks on the development of the biological sciences throughout the country. The last day of the meeting and the first day of the new year was devoted to a Darwin