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PSM V74 D210 Charles Judson Herrick.pngDr. C. Judson Herrick
Professor of Neurology in the University of Chicago and Vice-president of the Section of Zoology.
memorial, celebrating the hundredth anniversary of his birth, which occurs on February 12, and the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of the origin of species. Professor Poulton, who came from England to take part, gave a vivid account of Darwin's work and influence. He was followed by a number of leading American investigators of problems of organic evolution whose papers gave an excellent survey of present conditions, showing both the dependence PSM V74 D210 Herbert Maule Richards.pngDr. Herbert Maule Richards.
Professor of Botany in Barnard College, Columbia University, and Vice-president for the Section of Botany.
of modern biological science on Darwin's work and the new problems which have now come to the front.

Dr. David Starr Jordan, president of Stanford University, eminent as an ichthyologist and as a student of a wide range of evolutionary problems and PSM V74 D210 William Henry Howell.pngDr. William U. Howell.
Professor of Physiology in the Johns Hopkins University and Vice-president for the Section of Physiology and Experimental Medicine.
equally for his services to education and civilization, was elected president for the meeting to be held next year in Boston. The vice-presidents of the Baltimore meeting were worthily succeeded by a group of men who represent the best scientific work now being done in this country. They are: Mathematics and Astronomy—Professor Ernest W. Brown, Yale University. Physics—Dr. L. A. Bauer, Carnegie Institution, Washington, D. C. Chemistry—Professor William McPherson, son, Ohio State University. Mechanical