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PSM V74 D516 The coast at high tide.png

Fig. 5. The Coast at High Tide. Compare with Fig. 3.

converted it into a laboratory on the lower floor, while the upper chambers were made living rooms. Then, in 1901, Tufts College bought a tract of land and erected the present building, opening it for the use of students for the first time in the summer of the same year. Later on, an addition was made to the rear of the building. For the first years, undergraduate instruction was maintained in the laboratory, but in 1906, this was abandoned. Now, all the expenses of the laboratory are met from the small fee paid by each investigator, which is made for the use of room and material. For the coming season, a new arrangement has been made whereby funds other than those supplied by the workers will be available and a collector will be ready to bring to the investigator whatever material he may desire. Additions, too, to the library and to the supplies and possibly to the building itself are planned and if not completed during the coming season, they will be made in the near future.

Living facilities, a matter of concern to the average investigator at the summer laboratory, are at their best. One may find almost any mode of living he may desire on Harpswell. If he desires a first-class hotel, he has the choice of three. If he prefer to live in a private house and obtain his meals either in the same house or one within easy access, he may do so. If he desire a cottage, he may obtain one at low rental for the season. The average rental for a five-room house is seventy-five dollars, for the season, beginning as early and ending as late as one desires. Country produce may be engaged and delivered at your door.