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PSM V74 D517 A view in the everglades.png

Fig. 6. A View in the Evergreens, one half mile from the laboratory.

at very reasonable rates, while grocers supply the best provisions, being in the main those brought fresh from Portland, a city well known for its splendid markets. Finally, camping is possible, either near the laboratory, or farther away amongst the evergreens.

With a delightful climate, plenty of sunshine and clear sky, a rich fauna and flora, good facilities for carrying on investigation, a comfortable summer home, freedom from the conventionalities of our more formal stations, ease of access—certainly Harpswell has few rivals.

The biologist is notorious for being ever busy. "I have no vacations," complained an entomologist; "there are ants wherever I go." The ability of the biologist to work incessantly is easily explained; his work is his play. Emphatically is this so of the investigator at Harpswell.