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Dr. Alfred D. Cole

Vice-president of the Section for Physics, professor of physics in Ohio State University.

Atlanta was of fair size. There were on the program 428 papers, distributed as follows:

Mathematics and astronomy 30
Physics 20
Chemistry 16
Engineering 31
Geology 34
Zoology and Entomology 111
Botany and Phytopathology 108
Anthropology, Psychology and Education 36
Economics and Social Science 29
Physiology and Experimental Medicine 13

As the national societies for botany and entomology met at Atlanta these sciences were well represented. Most of the national scientific societies held their meetings in the north, while the chemists now meet in the autumn. But it will be noted that each of the sciences had an adequate representation.

In addition to the technical papers containing accounts of research work, there were many addresses and several sessions of general interest, intended not for the specialist, but for those scientific men who care to know what is being accomplished in sciences other than their own and for the general public. The address of the president of the association, Dr. E. C. Pickering, director of the Harvard College Observatory, recounted the progress of the study of the stars, in which he and the observatory which he directs have had such an important share. The addresses of the vice-presidents for the sections were as follows:

Mathematics and Astronomy: "The Influence of Fourier 's Series upon the