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Development of Mathematics," by Edward B. Van Vleck, the University of Wisconsin.

Physics: "The Methods of Science: To What do they Apply?" by Arthur G. Webster, Clark University.

Mechanical Science and Engineering: "Safety and the Prevention of Waste in Mining and Metallurgical Operations," by J. A. Holmes, U. S. Bureau of Mines.

Geology and Geography: "Pleistocene History of Missouri River," by J. E. Todd, the University of Kansas.

Zoology: "The Story of Human Lineage," by William A. Locy, Northwestern University.

Botany: "The Evolution of a Botanical Problem," by Duncan S. Johnson, The Johns Hopkins University.

Social and Economic Science: "The Development of our Foreign Trade," by John Hays Hammond, New York City.

Physiology and Experimental Medicine: "The Physiological Instruction of Medical Students," by J. J. R. Macleod, Western Reserve University.

Education: "Science, Education and Democracy," by J. McKeen Cattell, Columbia University.

There were also given two public lectures complimentary to the citizens of Atlanta, one by Dr. Ch. Wardell Stiles,

PSM V84 D205 C L Alsberg.jpg

Dr. C. L. Alsberg,
Vice-president for the Section of Chemistry, Chief of the Bureau of Chemistry, U. S. Department of Agriculture.