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Eye, Observing Interior of the. (Illustrated.) 684

Fattening Oysters 637
Fauna, Winter, of Mount Marcy 509
Fight between Mouse and Scorpion 377
Fishes, Amphibious. (Illustrated.) 546
"Night-Habits of 632
Fishing for Glass Sponges 120
Fitting Recognition of American Science 290
Flint, Dr. Austin, Jr., Sketch of. (Portrait.) 103
Foliage, Periodic Movements of 634
Forestry 632
Forests, Underground, in Thames Valley 255
Formation of Lakes 539
""Mountain-Chains 253
Fossils, Recently-Discovered 631

Geographical Progress, Recent 37
Geography, Modern Scientific. (Illustrated.) 713
Germination, Temperature of 121
Glacial Phenomena 381
Glaciers, The Polar 178
Glass Sponges, Fishing for 120
Granite, A Mountain of 123
Grasshoppers, The Western 749

Halstead, Byron D., Moulds 398
Hamilton on Social Science 619
Hamilton, R. S., Present Status of Social Science 602
Hammers and Percussion. (Illustrated.) 11
Heat, The New Philosophy of 363
Hebrew Religion, Evolution of 589
Herschel Caroline L. II 58
Hints for the Sick-Room 173
Hittell, J. S., Apotheosis of Steam 430
Holland, Major, Myriapods 570
Homesteads and Households, Organized 733
Hospitals and Pauperism 738
Houses for the Industrious Poor 508
Houses, New, Unhealthiness of 117
Huxley, J. H., Species 409
Huxley's Lectures 499
Huxley's Lectures 621
Hypnotism, Experiments on 211
"Spontaneous 633

Ice, Streams dammed by Drift 379
Iles, G., Mathematics in Evolution 202
Industrial Applications of Solar Heat 550
Infants, Medication of 255
Ingersoll, Ernest, Mollusks of the Rocky Mountains 43