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Insect Parasites in Trout-Ponds 763

Justice, Criminal, in 1876 498

Klein, H. J., Scientific Geography 713

Lakes, Formation of 539
Lessons in Electricity. (Illustrated.) 30
Lessons in Electricity. (Illustrated.) 158
Lessons in Electricity. (Illustrated.) 331
Lettuce for Silkworms 121
Lewes, G. H., Sketch of. (Portrait.) 743
Liebig, his Character and Work 49
"Statue to 618
Light, Mechanical Action of. (Illustrated.) 257
"Colored, Treatment of Lunatics with 634
Light-Registering Machine 122
Lingual Development in Babyhood 129
Littrow, Carl von, Backwardness of the Ancients in Science 438
Loan Exhibition in London 510
Local Distribution of Plants 676
Locust of the Rocky Mountains 377
Locusts in Africa 766
Lortet, The Chromis Pater-Familias 322
Loss of Self-Control in Battle 507
Lubbock on the Habits of Ants 252
Lunatics, Treatment of, with Colored Light 634

Malaria 416
Marsh-Water as a Vehicle of Ague-Poison 764
Mathematics in Evolution 202
Mayer, Prof., on Sound 633
McCosh, Dr. J., The Supernatural 21
Measuring Distances by Sound 251
Meat, Methods of preserving 125
Mechanical Action of Light. (Illustrated.) 257
Medals, The Rumford 244
Medication of Infants 255
Mello, Rev. J. M., Rock-Structure 426
Menopoma Alleghaniense 763
Merriman, C. C, Polar Glaciers 178
Meteorites, Source and Composition of 382
Mississippi River, how it wears away its Banks 380
Mivart, St. George, What are Bats? 523
Modern Scientific Geography. (Illustrated.) 713
Mollusks of the Rocky Mountains 43
Money, Paper, French Experiments with 615
Monstrosities, Cause of 123
Moth, A, that bores for its Food 250
Moulds, Our Common. (Illustrated.) 398
Mound-Builders, A Relic of the 510
Mountain-Chains, Formation of 253