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Religion, What constitutes 239
"Hebrew, Evolution of 589
"and Science as Allies 690
Rigg, Rev. A., Axes, Hammers, etc. 11
Rigg, Rev. A., Axes, Hammers, etc. 186
Riordan, R., Recent Advances in Telegraphy 71
Roberts, Dr., on Spontaneous Generation 638
Rock-Structure. (Illustrated.) 426
Rogers, Prof. William B., Sketch of. (Portrait.) 606
Romanes, G. J., Conscience in Animals 80
Rood, O. N., Constants of Color 641
Root-Hairs of Plants 765
Rücker, Prof., Soap-Bubbles 575
Rumford, Count, Sketch of. (Portrait.) 231
Rumford Medals, The 244
Russel, Dr. C. P., Malaria 416
Russell, I., "Uncertainty and Vanity of Science" 351
Russell, I. C, Formation of Lakes 539

Salt Lake, Ancient Condition of 633
Sauvage, E., Amphibious Fishes 546
Schutzenberger, P., Air-Germs and Spontaneous Generation 91
Science and the Logicians 224
"in the Argentine Republic 463
"and Religion as Allies 690
"The Promotion of 494
"Social, its Present Status 602
"Teaching for the Young 119
Scorpion and Mouse, Fight between 377
Sea-Soundings without a Line 253
Ships, Air-Bags for raising 632
Shooting-Stars 637
Sick-Room, Hints for the 173
Silica, Appropriation of, by Plants 631
Silkworms, Lettuce for 121
Simonin, Louis, Industrial Applications of Solar Heat 550
Soap-Bubbles 575
Social Experiments in Utah 479
"Science, Present Status of 602
""Hamilton on 619
Societies, Predatory and Industrial 718
Society an Organism 1
Solar Heat, Industrial Applications of 550
Sound, Prof. Mayer on 633
"Measuring Distances by 251
"The Controversy about 751
Sounds produced by blowing into Flame 125
South-African Diamond-Fields 378
South Carolina, Subterranean Streams in 197
Species 409
"Transformation of 122